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tranny probs

Here's the deal.  I was on the highway a couple of nights ago doing about
110 mph.  every now and then i could feel a slight pull backwards as if it
wanted to slow down.  I think it was petty well maxed out, but i've had
the car near 120 a year ago.  Anyway, when i got home and off the highway,
my automatic transmission stopped working properly.  It won't change into
the next gear when it is suppossed to.  That night it was awful, pretty
much stayed in first unless going down a hill. over last 2 days it has
gotten better but it will still rev to 4k rpms in first and only changes
gears when i let my foot off the gas and then i have to ease back on to
it.  Up big hills...forget it...first gear only.  It acts as though it
thinks it doesn't have enough torque, but it does.  It still has very good
pick up off the line.  This is the strangest thing that has ever happened
to any of my cars.  Someone please tell me there is just a valve stuck
open or something and that my tranny really isn't shot to hell.

					 85 5ks