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Re: 30-70 results

I ran at least twenty runs this weekend with 
different configurations.  After fixing the
boost, I was able to run around 10 seconds 
in 30-70 on a nearly perfectly flat section,
with phase one (17psig ECU cutoff and 15 psig
acutal) with 1/4 tank of gas, and was typically 
around 60 degrees ambient.  I don't notice too
much effect of ambient at this temperate time
of year.

I started working on stage two, and am running
18 pounds of boost with further advanced timing.
I am down to 9.6 seconds with a full tank.  That
should yield low 9's with 1/4 tank.  I think there
is a little more room for ignition advance to take
out a few more tenths.  No pinging with 94 octane.

There is some evidence of leaning out at max boost,
with the O2 sensor coming down into the 0.6-0.7 v
range, but nothing to worry about yet.  To get another
50 HP would require fuel system urgrades or water/meoh

All of this is done with a bone stock car, with NKG tripple
plugs and no rear muffler box.

Paul Timmerman

QCUSA SoCal Coordinater
pasadena ca