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Testing Stories

So with all this development work I have been doing,
I spend alot of time going far too fast in an urban area. 
So I pick some spots where  there aren't children, police
or traffic. One of my favorite test areas is a frontage road 
near a freeway.  This is not a choice neighborhood, and 
there is little chance someone phoning me in, even though I may
do six runs before 6 am or after 10 pm, when traffic is low.
I cn picture someone on a prch saying after the fifth run,
"What's with that crazy guy, he keeps racing past every 5 minutes?"

So I was out terrorizing, I mean testing friday night til about
10 pm.  After one bonzei run I hear the police chopper and saw 
the searchlight go over my car.  It happens that my course takes 
me past a little grocery store, which appaerntly been held up.
(I did say is wasn't a very good neighborhood).  Oddly, I was
relieved when I saw the police cars dealing with something more
menacing.  I decided to call it quits having achieved my goals
for the weekend already.  BUt I was back out there at 7 am the
next morning testing and cranking up the screw.  It's hard work...

paul timmerman