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Re: Alignment data

Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert Myers say:

> Hi Y'all,
> Witrhin the last two weeks I had new rear wheel bearings and new tie rod
> ends installed in mt '89 200TQ.  The shop which did the job told me that
> they realigned everything.  I don't think so.  I plan to have the job done
> properly by a more repoutable outfit ASAP.
> Does anyone have a recommendation for the best settings which will provide
> good tire life along with decent handling?  It would be nice to be able to
> tell the alignment shop what I want rather than have them tell me what I want.

I just got my '89 100Q set to factory specs, but with 1/2 degree of
negative camber up front. This is just starting to border on tire wear
and a little loss of on-center feel, but handles amazingly well (much
better than stock).

You'll need to find a good shop that understands settings other than
what their book says, so keep shopping...


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