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Re: 1990 V8Q front floor carpet???

Hairy green toads from Mars made Chris King say:

> I too have this same dilemma with my V8.  I tried ordering a set of floor
> mats from the dealer, but they did not fit properly, the platinum color did
> not match at all, and the little "anchors" that hold them in place were too
> small to fit those orange screws in the floor.  According to my dealer parts
> guy, VW-Audi has changed their floormat source, so some of them are messed
> up.  When I ordered mats for my 5kCST, the size and color was perfect, but
> the anchors again did not fit.  I had to have them machine the orange screws
> down a little bit.  Not only that, but they came out in a brushed
> aluminum-like color, which looks way cooler than that nasty orange (why did
> they choose that color?)

I have this same problem with my '89 100Q's new mats. They don't fit over
those stupid day-glow orange posts. How did you grind them down? I was
just going to unscrew them, maybe get something from the H/W store....


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