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Re[2]: quattro-digest V3 #379

     What kind of springs are Intrax???
     Anyway, you should prolly look at a spring set that doesn't lower the 
     car as much. With a 4ksq that low, you'll encounter probs such as bump 
     steer and other things as well as the bottoming you describe.
     I would suggest you look into the Eibach springs. or possibly the 
     H&R's. The Boge's are a pretty good choice for street only use so I 
     wouldn't think that needs changing.
     As far as the stabil. hose splitting, I personally have never seen it, 
     so I don't really know what to say.
     Todd Candey                85 4ksq (bent and wondering)
     USRobotics                 89 90q
     Skokie, IL USA

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Subject: Re: quattro-digest V3 #379
Author:  Lorens Kulla <lorens@polaris.mindport.net> at Internet
Date:    4/23/96 11:08 AM

Hi all,
    I am new to the quattro list but just had a couple of questions. (1) 
What is the probleb with the idle stablizer hose on the 4ksq under lift 
throttle, closing flat and splitting down its length. I am on my second 
at $25/per, I would like to solve it. My 1985 4ksq has 173000 mi. (and 
not counting) and passes CT state emmissions when not split, but barely 
fails when split. (2) I updated the suspension with Boge TG struts, 
Intrax 1 1/2" lowering springs. Does anyone have any info ona better 
alternative for the rough roads of New England.(occaisional bottoming). 
I would like to keep the lower CG but can't live with the bottoming. I 
don't have any bump stops and only get the problem in the weighted 
end(front). Also, Bob D. I am still interested in your '83 Ur-Q if it's 
still available.
                                          Lorens Kulla