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how do I save a car from being totaled?

     Hi again everyone.
     This time I'm not sending a question to the list to start trouble.
     I do have a question I would like some opinions on.
     As you all know, my 85 4ksq was hit on friday april 19 causing 
     considerable damage to the driver side.
     My dilema is this: 
     The damage is only to the body. It needs 1 door, 1 fender, 2 mouldings 
     and it needs to have the front door post pulled back into position and 
     the paintwork done.
     The paint work only involves painting of the replaced/repaired parts 
     and blending them into the rest.
     Yet the estimate is $2256.50.
     Now, the ins co. State Farm, wants to total the car.
     The car drives every bit as good as it did before, and even held it's 
     The car also has a fair share of performance parts on it that I would 
     hate to lose.
     State Farm has informed me that if I want to keep the car, I will have 
     to buy it back at salvage value with a salvage title.
     This sounds like BS.
     After a lot of thought about parting the car out, I don't think that I 
     want to do that, It'll make me a lot of work with not a lot of gain 
     and I'll have no car to show for it.
     All said and done, is there any way to negotiate with the ins co. to 
     keep the car???  So far, the adjuster has not been open to any sort of 
     Thanks for any help you folks can provide!
     Todd Candey        85 4ksq (bent and wondering)
     USRobotics         89 90q  (our new toy)   
     Skokie, IL USA