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Marvel Mystery Oil

I recently spoke with a mechanic who owns his own Mecedes/BMW repair shop.
He was a factory mechanic with MBZ in Deutchland fur zehn jahren (ten
years).  I was talking to him about the lifter noise, and he said that he
puts "Marvel Mystery Oil" in his GAS and OIL in all of his cars (mostly to
combat hydraulic lifter noise).  He said this helps clean out all fuel and
engine components.  I put the recommended amount in the oil and gas, and
today (three days later), I started my car and there was a noise that
sounded like some sludge being broken up or something clearing out in the
fuel system (pump, filter, etc.).  No problems since.

What was the noise?  Is MarMysOil harmful?  Everyone I have talked to in LA
said it is a "good thing" (blatant Martha Stewart reference).


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