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Audi Mag, Bentley, No S6/California and Radio LED

Fellow Q Persons:

1. Thanks to Karl and the others for the info on Audi/VW Mag.  I spoke with
the publisher in the UK today.  She tried to fax me info, but the overseas
connection shut that idea down.  Anyway, she also indicated to me that the
US distibutor for the mag is "WorldWide" something or another.  They are in
NJ at (210) 332-7100.  Call and ask for Ms. Fernandez (I think).  She might
be able to give you the name of a retailer that sells the magazine near
you.  This may be the best option, as the QCUSA rate is high, and at that
price you may want to check it out first or buy only an issue that
interests you.

2. Thanks to Todd for his info.  Imparts DID get some of the '88-91
80/90/Q/Coupe Bentley manuals in.  As of 1:30 p.m. (pst) (4/23/96) they had
approximately ten left  (call fast).  $81 seems like a good deal to me.

3. My search for the S6 wagon/sedan is over, and many listers helped out.
I was going to buy a black/black 95.5 Wagon at a pretty good price.  My
problem is that in California, the cars must have Calif. emissions.  You
can bring a non-Cal car here, but it has to have over 10k miles, will have
to pass the smog check and you have to pay a $500 surcharge (on top of
licensing).  Additionally, you can't bring a car into California with under
10K miles at all, unless you have moved from another out of state address
that will be verified by DMV (cars are cheaper in Az., Nev. and Ore.)
After the dealer search for a Calif. car came up empty, I have given up.
The local dealer had one 16 months ago, and it was sold in one day (the
parts guy had never heard of an "S6": HAHAHAHAHAHA!).

4. One question:  I have the stock stereo head unit in my car, and the
LED/Tuner Display Light is out (again).  It did this once before, but I
popped a tape in and it went on.  The "tape thing" did not work this time.
Several stereo guys said that it may not be possible to replace that light.
Anyone know otherwise?  Suggestions?


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