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Re: Audi Mag, Bentley, No S6/California and Radio LED

>3. My search for the S6 wagon/sedan is over, and many listers helped out.
>I was going to buy a black/black 95.5 Wagon at a pretty good price.  My
>problem is that in California, the cars must have Calif. emissions.  You
>can bring a non-Cal car here, but it has to have over 10k miles, will have
>to pass the smog check and you have to pay a $500 surcharge (on top of
>licensing).  Additionally, you can't bring a car into California with under
>10K miles at all, unless you have moved from another out of state address
>that will be verified by DMV (cars are cheaper in Az., Nev. and Ore.)
>After the dealer search for a Calif. car came up empty, I have given up.
>The local dealer had one 16 months ago, and it was sold in one day (the
>parts guy had never heard of an "S6": HAHAHAHAHAHA!).

Well I'll tell you what..... You buy it and I'll drive it for 8200miles 
then drive it to LA for you.  That way when you get it there will be a 
little over 10K on the odo!

What do you think?


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO