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Wastegate Diaphragms-Update

Well, it's been 2 weeks and I've only received requests from the following

Steve Buchholz
Chris Semple
Neil Swanson 
Chuck Leiter
Stephen A. Marinello
Richard Davis (aka Mike?)

Including myself, this gives us a grand total of seven (7) people.  Not the
marketing force I had envisioned!  One other person, Robert Houk, said "Maybe."

This exceeds the five needed for the lower price, but not any earth moving
discount.  I was hoping for around 20 people.  With seven or eight people,
the cost will be $120 US each plus shipping.  Shipping from England to
Oregon will be about $25 or $30.  Shipping from Oregon to where you are in
the US should be $3 by 2-day priority mail.  This brings the total to
approximately $130 each delivered.

This is an excellent price as I have been quoted between $150 to $400 for a
USED wastegate diaphragm.

Don't send me any money yet.  I would like to do two things first:  1) Give
other late comers a final chance to commit to purchasing one.  2) Fax
DIALYNX PERFORMANCE a letter requesting a not to exceed delivered price in
US dollars for the quantity we want... And get the letter from them.

When I get this confirmation letter, I'll post the final price and start
collecting money.  This overseas ordering stuff is new to me; if anyone has
any suggestions, please e-mail me direct.  Thanks.


John Karasaki

The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles

1981 Coupe
1982 TQC
1984 5000S Wagon
1990 V8