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Re: Wastegate Diaphragms-Update

At 05:15 AM 4/25/96 -0400, you wrote:
>     John,
>     I would also be interested in a wastegate diaphram but first I would like 
>     to check the out the condition of the current one. My '83 TQC is in
bits in 
>     the basement, what parts of the wastegate do I need to disassemble to
>     the diahpram? How easy is it to remove the diaphram and how did your one 
>     break, i.e. what should I be looking for?

Take the cap off by removing the nuts (10?) holding it to the wastegate.
Take the spring, perch, and diaphragm out. Check the diaphragm for holes and
tears.  If it has small holes, you're losing boost pressure, but it doesn't
need to be changed right away.  If it has tears, it needs to be replaced.

I'm guessing my diaphragm has tears because the cars has 134k miles and the
previous owner ran 19 psi of boost.

>     Control Arm Bushings
>     I emailed you yesterday regarding control arm bushings. Well I checked
>     old bushings that were on the control arms before I had them powder
>     Interestingly 4 of them had the wide rubber collar on both ends and 4 had 
>     the metal sleeve with a smaller collar only on one end. Is this how it 
>     should be or did some one replace the bushings/control arms at one end of 
>     the car at some point in the vehicles past? The parts had the same part 
>     number except for an "A" suffix.

This is something I still haven't found out.  It really makes me think the
two types are interchangable.  Maybe the rear ones on your car failed and
were replaced with the upgraded part.  I hope so; then I can use the ones I


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