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Re: A4 Quattro

On Apr 25,  4:02pm, Patel, Karteek wrote:
> Subject: A4 Quattro
> I am considering purchasing an A4 Quattro, but I am hung up on the
> reliability of Audi automobiles (especially after the 100K miles mark).
>  From the messages I have read, I am drawing the following conclusions:
> everyone loves their Audi, but hates the problems.

I too am about to take delivery of an A4 Quattro (1.8litre turbo). Just as a
matter of interest, Audi in Australia have a 3 year _unlimited_ kilometre
warranty on all new vehicles (they have for a couple of years now) as well as
24 hour road call. So I guess they think they are reliable enough.


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