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Re: A4 Quattro

     Here are some points to consider:
     1.  People mainly only write this list with problems.
     2.  It seems from 88 on, Audi has as good reliability if not better 
     than lots of the Japanese autos(this is an obervation of list traffic, 
     no offense intended to those with older Audis)
     3.  What upsets people is the cost of repairing Audis.  Definately 
     higher than Japanese autos.
     4.  People who drive Audis demand a higher level of performance and 
     workmanship.  Obviously better than japanese autos.
     5.  The attraction of these cars is that they are unique, like their 
     owners.  How many japanese autos do you see every day?   How many 
     Audis do you see?
     6.  If you have driven an Audi and are considering an alternative, 
     then you should not buy an Audi.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: A4 Quattro
Author:  "Patel; Karteek" <kpatel@visa.com> at Internet
Date:    4/23/96 6:13 PM

I am considering purchasing an A4 Quattro, but I am hung up on the 
reliability of Audi automobiles (especially after the 100K miles mark). 
 From the messages I have read, I am drawing the following conclusions: 
everyone loves their Audi, but hates the problems.
I have test driven everything else comparable (though nothing compares to 
the Quattro system), yet I find myself back Audi dealership questioning 
reliability.  This is a long-term purchase and I expect to drive a lot of 
miles in a short time.  Their 3yr/50K mile warranty and free service is 
great, but what can I expect after 50K miles, trouble and expense?  This is 
what I hear from other automobile manufacturers (and my parents) when I tell 
them that I am leaning towards the A4Q.
Has anyone put on a lot of miles on a newer Audi that can provide some 
And you recent A4Q owners, have you experienced any problems in the first 
few months of ownership in this, what seems to the eye,  well built 
As you can tell, I am a high mileage Japanese car owner who has never had 
any trouble with his automobiles.  I am ready for fun and excitement, but is 
reliability a trade-off?
Thank you for the help.