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Re: mobil one bulk purchase

> 1 pallet = 98 cases of 12 = 1176 quarts costs $43.29 a case.
> That breaks down to $3.61 a quart.  Seems I recall seeing prices
> of $2.99 or so at Sam's Club/Walmart and the like, so I doubt
> it would be worth it.

I think you got too many middlemen involved here. Some of the chain 
stores sell $3.60 a quart around me place -- and they DO need profit 
afterall. I think you either quoted a higher price than usual (maybe you 
need to talk prices with 'em), or they think you weren't serious enough 
to warrent a 'real' price (e.g. they quote you a high price in hope that 
you'll go away).

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