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Re: mobil one bulk purchase

>> 1 pallet = 98 cases of 12 = 1176 quarts costs $43.29 a case.
>> That breaks down to $3.61 a quart.  Seems I recall seeing prices
>> of $2.99 or so at Sam's Club/Walmart and the like, so I doubt
>> it would be worth it.
>I think you got too many middlemen involved here. Some of the chain 
>stores sell $3.60 a quart around me place -- and they DO need profit 
>afterall. I think you either quoted a higher price than usual (maybe you 
>need to talk prices with 'em), or they think you weren't serious enough 
>to warrent a 'real' price (e.g. they quote you a high price in hope that 
>you'll go away).

I've heard that Wal-Mart sells synthetic oil at cost or even a slight loss
just to get people in the store in hopes you buy something else at the same
time. They have several items in the store like this. Some marketing scheme.
I've never found Mobil1 cheaper locally.

Burl Vibert
83 Coupe
Ontario, Canada