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my dealings with the ins co on 4ksq

     Hi again, below is an excerpt from a note I sent to another list 
     Finaly got somewhere with the dickheads at SF. I told them point-blank 
     that I was not willing to work with them at all regarding the estimate 
     that they wanted me to have done at there facility. 
     The reasons for that I told them were that I could not take the time 
     off work and since they are backlogged 2 weeks I was not willing to 
     wait as I could not drive the car in it's present condition. (I can)
     I also told them that since I was not at fault I was not willing to 
     work with them or anyone they suggested and if they had a problem with 
     that, they could discuss it with my attorney.
     Incedently, the adjuster from our ins co reviewed the estimate, took 
     statements from both sides and got a check in the mail to me today. 
     It's for the full amount, he got SF to pay the claim on demand.
     Not bad, not bad at all.
     Anyway, after much aggrivation, I finally got something accomplished.
     I would like to thank all of my fellow listmembers who wrote and 
     offered support and suggestions.
     So in conclusion it looks like I'll be in the 85 4ksq performance game 
     for a while longer.....
     Thanks again,
     Todd Candey        85 4ksq   (being repaired)
     USRobotics         89 90q    (our new toy)
     Skokie, IL USA