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RE: 1991 200 TQ Trim Levels/Colors

>From: 	Paul C. Waterloo[SMTP:74543.407@CompuServe.COM]
>Red, black, pearl, blue, others?

Gobi Beige (metallic light gold). And if you mean burgundy when you say
red, then you already have that (there's a burgundy wagon driving around
here in Bellevue, WA).
>Grey, grey and more grey. Did any of these cars come with black
>interiors? I
>love the Audis with black leather.

Beige leather with yet more beige headliner, carpets and dash.

- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, redmond, wa
  91 200qw (gobi beige w/tan leather)
  94 acura legend gs (cashmere w/light tan leather)
  80 mazda 626 (gleam ivory w/light tan interior -- honest, having all
beige cars w/tan interiors is a coincidence. i prefer black or grey
interiors and blue or grey exteriors...)