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Re: 1991 200 quattro

Here is an email from Andy Majewski. He owns both a 91 200 TQ 
and a 90 V8. I thought everybody would like to see the comparison.

It must be nice!

Paul Waterloo

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RE:	Re: 1991 200 quattro

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Thanks for the reply.  Actually, our situation suits me fine.  I am not in a
great hurry to sell anyway, especially since my potential 968 is still a
little too pricey at the price the dealer wants.  (But it only has 9,000

Back to the comparison question.  I consider myself lucky to have either of
these cars much less both.  My most frequent road-trip goes from Seattle
North to Whistler,  British Colombia.  The last hour consists of very windy
roads with limited passing zones and the usual vehicles that feel the need to
obey the 80 km/hr limit.  For this reason I usually take the 200.  A quick
downshift, boost builds to 1.6 or 1.7 and I'm pulling by people like they're
standing still going uphill...I think for sporting purposes the 200 is a
better highway car.  It feels a little lighter and nimbler also.  I don't
think the V8 can match its 3rd gear acceleration.  And, for another $800
bucks or so, I could have 260-270 horsepower, probably from IA but Hoppen
does it also. 

On the other hand, lately most of my driving consists of my 16 mile round
trip commute during rush hour.  The V8 does have softer leather, lots of
beautiful wood, the automatic too.  So, it's become the daily driver.  But,
just so you are not mislead, I followed a woman from Vancouver, B.C., to
Seattle the other weekend. I was going my usual 80 mph or so and she came by
me in a new 740i(L?) .  My wife and I were in the V8.  We decided to match
her pace - 80-90 mph until we hit the border.  We both went through the
crossing at the same time and the convoy resumed.  At times, the BMW and I
would get caught behind the usual roadblocks.  Then, she'd nail it at the
sight of an opening, with me (safe distance) on her tail.  The V8 will pull
easily and strongly from 70 to 120+, and I think we had every bit as much
acceleration as the BMW, which has either a 272 hp 4.0 OR even the new 4.4
liter.  I think this car had the 4.0.  Whoever this mystery woman was, she
was NOT trained to drive in the US, her lane discipline was much too good.
 The V8, in case you are wondering, is a fast car.  When I lock it into
either first or second gear (depending on how twisty) it will corner and
accelerate violently.  And, the whole key with the auto is not being afraid
to push the pedal to the floor (to kick down one or two) whereas I was used
to something more subtle in the 200.

So there you have it. I love both of them, and most likely will end up
keeping both until the time when my wife wins and gets her "sports" car.
 Then the 200 goes, mostly because it is a little more marketable.  But it's
a close decision!  I wouldn't hesitate to look at V8s, and I would die for a
4.2 liter MANUAL V8.  That would be the ultimate!  

Good Luck, call when coming to Seattle - Andy Majewski