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Removing Head Rests

DRANCHAK@commgate.kirtland.af.mil (DRANCHAK) asked - 

>      While we're talking about headrests, I'm looking for an easy way to 
>      remove the rear headrests on my 92 CSQW.  I've noticed greatly 
>      improved rearward visibility when they aren't there (when the rear 
>      seats are folded down).  Also 99.9% of our driving is done without a 

I thought I'd respond to be the latest to say: DON'T do it.  They're 
there for a reason.  For that matter, you'd hate to get sued by a 
rear seat passenger if someone DID rear-end you while you had someone 
in back!

The rear headrests must be removed to take out the rear seat back.  
In most cases, there's a cutout on the side of each plastic grommet 
which guides the head rest mounts into the seat.  Inside that cutout 
slit is a spring clip which can be pushed out with a small slotted 
screwdriver.  Be ready for it to sproing!  Watch your eyes - and 
don't lose the clip.

But don't take 'em out for visibility.  Your mirrors are quite 
adequate - and the headrests allow more visibility than those in most 

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