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TAP chips f/95.5 S6

I recently had Schaumburg Audi install the TAP chips in the UBERWGN (my
1995.5 S6 wagon).  Cost about $700, including an improved air filter.

I didn't get any literature from the dealer, so I had TAP and Hoppen
fax me their basic literature.  TAP just says "chip and boost upgrade,
S6, up to +80 HP".  Hoppen says the chip gives you 270HP, maybe a tad
more with the better air filter, for maybe 45HP more than the original
227, about a 20% increase in horsepower.

BTW, the dealer says that the S6 chip TAP is selling is identical to
the one Hoppen developed, apparently some kind of deal was made between

Subjectively, it feels like I have to give a bit more gas now, to get
the same performance I got before.  There's more power in the midrange
when I put my foot down hard.  I have not noticed much improvement on
the low end, and I haven't been able to really open it up yet to find
out what the top end will be like (especially now that the limitter is

I was wondering how I would go about getting a qualitative measurement
of the improvement.  I don't trust 0-60 timings with a manual
transmission, too much variation (especially with my amaturish
shifting) , and I didn't measure it myself before the change anyway for

Anybody know of a four-wheel dynamometer (sp?) anywhere near Chicago?

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