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Re: how much for an S6 Avant

>From: "Robert D. Russell" <ameco@wormhole.map.com>
>Date: Tue, 30 Apr 96 09:43 EDT
>Subject: How much for a S6 Avant
>        does anyone know the dealer cost on an S6 Avant. within $1,000 or so

When I arranged the lease for my UBERWGN at the end of last year, my
guess was $41,352, based on average markup of other models and the
sticker price of $47,032.  Factor in about $1,800 for tax and shipping,
and you get an MSRP of $48,832 and a dealer invoice around $43,152.
You also will find it very difficult to bargain for these cars, since
there's only a few left to be had anywhere in the country.

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