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Pound Report....

I'm still alive!  Day 1 was LONG, But fun!  Snoop and the Pound are 
actually really fun to work with!  The Rapper thing seems to be a 
character.... VERY Smart folks here.

Having Lunch now, Catching up on mail (W/the Newt Bob!) List traffic is 
slow this weekend..... Graydon tell us about the Q-Club "School".....  
Someone remind me to ask Karen about the finaces to run a "school"....  
You Q-Clubbers do realize that the club says that they are loosing money 
on the schools.....  Wonder how that happen when they take in 54 X $250 
($13,500 at Gratten)?!?!?!?!?!  Remember Karen I know how much that track 
rents for.... I've rented it........

Ooooopppppsssss, Sorry I'm in a Unka Bart type mood tonight!  Things are 
going really well and I'm having some serious fun!  BTW Bart how is Frau 


Actually having fun in LA  (But the bullet proof vest is in my personal 
gear bag on the Camera Truck!!)