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Re: Pound Report....

Our brother, Eric has found that old stash of little green jobbies that
I forgot about...  Damn, I wuz countin' on munchin' a few of them tonight...
> Ooooopppppsssss, Sorry I'm in a Unka Bart type mood tonight!  Things are 
> going really well and I'm having some serious fun!  BTW Bart how is Frau 
> Dora?

Nice of you to ask, Eric!  And Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart was going to write
you all anyway, so thanks for the perfect segue...

The Faire Dora called me here at work (?) just a few minutes ago to give the
the *GOOD* news!   The biopsies taken last Monday have revealed that NO TRACE
of Cancer remains!  

As Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart just remarked to a good friend, "Break out the 
aspirin, boyz, Unka Bart's gonna have a *killer* head manana..."

(Maybe in honor of the occassion, I'll hafta dig up some Sekt instead of that
other nasty Moet-Chandon swill that we usually celebrate with...(he said with an
apologetic grin, hoping that he hasn't offended any of our French brethern...)