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Re: Pound Report....


> The Faire Dora called me here at work (?) just a few minutes ago to give the
> the *GOOD* news!   The biopsies taken last Monday have revealed that NO TRACE
> of Cancer remains!  
> As Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart just remarked to a good friend, "Break out the 
> aspirin, boyz, Unka Bart's gonna have a *killer* head manana..."
> (Maybe in honor of the occassion, I'll hafta dig up some Sekt instead of that
> other nasty Moet-Chandon swill that we usually celebrate with...(he said with an
> apologetic grin, hoping that he hasn't offended any of our French brethern...)

I s'pects, Bart, that if anyone has the nerve to be offended that he'd 
hafta deal with a *whole bunch* of folks what'd speak out on that one.  :-)

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