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Re: Metal Masters?

Hairy green toads from Mars made STEADIRIC@aol.com say:

> >	Anyone had this sort of problem w/ MM after hard brake, rain driving?
> That's why they are called "Slagmasters"  Welcome to brake fade...... 
> Time to go to Carbon's or go bigger.....

With all this talk of MetalMasters, why does no one mention the
other Repco pads? I have their deluxe organics on all four corners
of my '89 100Q, and I love them.

They do not fade, haven't shed a speck of dust in 10K miles, dont't
need any warmup on the street, and stand up to heat/cold/wet/snow with
aplomb.  Plus, they stop on a dime and give four cents change.

They are hands down 100% better than the OEM pads, and they are much
cheaper (Even cheaper than MMs).  Has anyone really compared them to
the MMs side-by-side?


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