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Re: Parking Brake Probs

Hairy green toads from Mars made Rndballr@aol.com say:

> Okay here's the situation, just pulled to a stop at the house go to pull the
> parking brake on my ' 86 4KCSQ and I here this clunk and then the parking
> brake handle gets way too easy to pull to be effective and sure enough it
> won't even hold the car on my slightly inclined driveway!  So I'm thinking it
> probably slipped and needs to be adjusted.

Assuming it's a similar setup to the one in my 100Q, the cables suck. 
They slip or even break under strain, and can chafe away for years
without warning until they finally let go.

Does it grip at all? If so, it probably stretched. If not, it probably
broke. Mine just stretched until it couldn't really hold the car safely
any more, so I replaced it. About $100 installed. Works much better now.


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