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PS/Hydraulic fluid

Questions are raised by recent posts re: damage to the hydraulic sytstem
caused by use of wrong fluid.

Can da'bomb be ruined by use of incorrect fluid?
If one is replacing a bad bomb, it would seem to be a good idea to flush the
entire system and put in all new fluid.

In my case, I bought a used '89 100 with about 50 k miles on it, a bad bomb
and very slow fluid leak.
I later replaced the bomb,(about six months ago) and in the process added 1
liter of Pentosin.
The leak is about the same, no noticeable worsening.
 The system holds about 1.7 liters, however, so this leaves doubt in my mind
re: the remaining 0.7 liter of old fluid.
There is no way to tell what the previous owner may have put in there.
Assuming it had the wrong stuff added at some point...
  Should I flush the system now?
 Is irreversible damage already done?
 Will further deterioration still occur if I do nothing?

IS there any trick to flushing the hydraulic system?

It would seem, given the potential for expensive damage and the ease of this
screw-up occuring, that there would be more info on this subject.
I see no reference in Bentley or anywhere else to flushing this system.

I'd appreciate hearing some of your thoughts on this, and I suspect some
others would also be helped by it.
Dave C., Columbus OH  
e-mail:  conner@cfm.ohio-state.edu   
1987 5000S,  1989 100
(wishing for a quattro :-)