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Re: Funky Idle - '87 5kTQ

In a message dated 96-04-29 10:49:06 EDT, you write:

>I've been having an idle problem with my TQ for many months now.  After a
>of driving (half hour or so), the idle in the TQ will drop from it's normal
>950RPM's to around 500RPM's.  If I shut the car off & restart it, the
>is cured.  I figured it was a screwed up idle switch, but never had the time
>futz with the thing.  Well, it's gotten pretty bad (and pretty annoying) so

Prolly an O2 thing mike, just posted that about a week ago....  If you hook
up your Dwell meter a slow O2 will fuluctuate wildly and with more range than
a new one....  Once you have done the old one, put the new one in and ck
dwell/DC....  The difference is BIG, and prolly what you are experiencing....
 Secondly, you may have a clogged idle stabilizer valve, pull clean with
starting fluid, replace, do again (I did mine 6 times b4 it worked