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Re: Styling Kit and 5KCSTQWag v. 200TQWag

86 5ktq- single piston front calipers, weaker rear link setup, smaller rear
brake piston, MC motor (7.8:1), CIS, k26 turbo, 15X6 wheels (fuchs 15X7
87 - 89.5 5ktq dual piston front calipers, vented rears, stronger rear link,
38mm rear piston, MC motor, CIS, k26 turbo
89.5-91 200tq(10v) - revised rear light panel, airbag, new dash, slight
interior upgrades, EFI motor and management, dual knock sensor igniton, 8.4:1
compression, torsen center diff, auto disengage rear diff lock at 15mph, flat
flywheel, k24 turbo, revised cam profile, revised IC
91/92 200tq (20v) 217hp 20v motor, torsen diff, k24 turbo, 4.11 gears, flared
fenders, larger tires and wheels (15X7.5), INBOARD BRAKES (not good) - since
fixed on about 1/3 of cars by audi

For a stock wagon the 20v is the ticket, it is also way expensive (20k)....
 A 87-89.5 would be the best bang for buck, then get the upgrades, it will
toast the 20v in stock form....  And you can get a good car for under