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Die Frau - und - der bomb

> From: "Barton P. Chambers"  <bartonc@mailhost.infi.net>
> The Faire Dora called me here at work (?) just a few minutes ago to give the
> the *GOOD* news!   The biopsies taken last Monday have revealed that NO TRACE
> of Cancer remains!  

A-hem.   HOO-RAY!!!!  Delighted to hear it!

> As Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart just remarked to a good friend, "Break out the 
> aspirin, boyz, Unka Bart's gonna have a *killer* head manana..."

Di-Gel can be a friend in times o'need.  No one deserves the chance 
to earn it more than you!   ENJOY!!  Turn the answering machine on 
and tell 'em you may not return calls till summer......
> (Maybe in honor of the occassion, I'll hafta dig up some Sekt instead of that
> other nasty Moet-Chandon swill that we usually celebrate with...(he said with an
> apologetic grin, hoping that he hasn't offended any of our French brethern...)

As Bob implied, they gotta get past (merciless harrassment from) us first.  

Have a wonderful evening...and many, many more!


> From: conner@ra.cfm.ohio-state.edu (David Conner)

> IS there any trick to flushing the hydraulic system?
> It would seem, given the potential for expensive damage and the ease of this
> screw-up occuring, that there would be more info on this subject.
> I see no reference in Bentley or anywhere else to flushing this system.

Don't know if it's a trick - but the drain line from the reservoir 
to the bomb is held on by a single hose-clamp at the back of the 
bomb.  Easy to pull loose - and drain the reservoir into a pan.  
Don't know what it would take to drain as much as possible of the 
system.  From reports on this group, I would hesitate to touch the 
steering rack hoses.  But you could also disconnect one of the lines 
from the hydraulic pump, which is about 18" above the bomb and should 
drain via gravity if air can flow into it as fluid leaves.

Any better suggestions?

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