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91 V8Q

I'm fishing for opinions on what would be a fair price for a 91 V8Q.
 Black/black, 59K miles.  60K service done.  Doctor/dealer-owner owned.
 Auto.  Dealer asking $22,900.

BTW, What size engine would this have?  I know the V8Q's started out with a
3.6, but I thought I remembered them being enlarged to 4.0 or so.  ???

I've read a lot references to brake conversions for V8Q's, but I haven't
really seen anything on why or how.  (UFO brakes, whazzat?)  Is this
applicable to all V8Q's?  The 91's?

They seem to want my 5KCSTQ in trade pretty badly ($$$).  So even though I
wasn't really looking, I'm tempted.


Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA
87 CGT 2.3