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Re: 91 V8Q

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996 EKellock@aol.com wrote:

> BTW, What size engine would this have?  I know the V8Q's started out with a
> 3.6, but I thought I remembered them being enlarged to 4.0 or so.  ???

i believe the 91's still had UFO brakes.  unless this is a 5 speed, i'd
recommend that you get a '90 or '92 or newer.

i don't like the '91 because it had a taller final drive ratio (3.73
vs 4.11) without the corresponding increase in engine size.  i.e. it
is still the same 3.6 liter with the somewhat weak (when mated to the
slush) low end.  thus, the taller final drive is the last thing you

it also substituted the sports bucket seats for ahem, the
"fat-bottomed" seats.  the horrid servotronic PS was added.  if you
like early honda steering you will feel right at home with
servotronic.  fortunately this is easily disconnected.  the steering
will be heavier at crawling speeds but at least the effort required
for all the controls will be somewhat proportional to each other.

so really, the 91's w/ slush IMO are the least desirable of all the
v8s.  the 1990 models are plentiful and cheap.  you will get a better
car for less money with a 1990.