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Re: 91 V8Q

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Brendan Rudack wrote:

> The V8's displacement was increased to 4.2 liter(up to 276hp from 240 I
> believe, Eliot?)

i seem to remember 278 bhp and 295 lbft vs. 240 bhp and 245 or 250 lbft
but that's the best that my memory serves.  i think that the 4.2's 295
lbft is developed at a lower 3300 vs. 4K as well.  some of my numbers may
be the european spec DIN numbers, which i think convert to the same SAE
numbers.  (the euro DIN number for the 3.6 is 250 bhp).

not only do the UFO brakes warp, they incur a substantial penalty in
ride quality because of the extra unsprung weight.  without the UFOs
i can use a higher inflation pressure and thus get sharper handling
with no deterioration in ride.