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Re: more 4KQ questions

 dieckeaw@PLU.edu writes:


 Di> One more thing.  I posted a question about Mercedes's involvement with
 Di> Audi in the late 60's and early 70's.  We had a '73 100ls and I was
 Di> told  at that the car was modeled after a Merc model, and it even had a
 Di> Merc  engine in it.  Is this true?

 Di> -Adam

     I find this highly dubious. Mercedes of this vintage look
     absolutely nothing like the Audi's of the time. Also, 
     mechanically they are very different. I used to own a
     100LS (worse sh*tbox I've ever owned, and I used to buy british
     too) and a few Benz's of the same vintage (280SL, 250/8). I did 
     all my own repair and maintance, and I don't recall any 
     similarities between Mercyless Benz and Audi. The inboard 
     %#$@ brakes were reminiscent of Jaguar though. All you have 
     to do is glance under the hood of a 4 banger Benz, any year, 
     you'll find yourself hard pressed to find any similarities.

     These are my personal observations, if someone out there has
     actual facts, please post.  


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