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Re: more 4KQ questions

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Cobram wrote:

>      I find this highly dubious. Mercedes of this vintage look
>      absolutely nothing like the Audi's of the time. Also, 
>      mechanically they are very different. I used to own a
>      100LS (worse sh*tbox I've ever owned, and I used to buy british
>      too) and a few Benz's of the same vintage (280SL, 250/8). I did 
>      all my own repair and maintance, and I don't recall any 
>      similarities between Mercyless Benz and Audi. The inboard 
>      %#$@ brakes were reminiscent of Jaguar though. All you have 
>      to do is glance under the hood of a 4 banger Benz, any year, 
>      you'll find yourself hard pressed to find any similarities.
>      These are my personal observations, if someone out there has
>      actual facts, please post.  

We got rid of the car in November '84 when we bought an '85 4000s.  I was 
in second grade at the time, so I dont remember much about the car, just 
that it was brown, had cool CIBE fog lights on the front, and sounded 
like our Electrolux.  Its amazing what you remember when you're 8.