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Re: more 4KQ questions

At 10:33 AM 4/29/96 -0800, dieckeaw@PLU.edu wrote:

>2 of my friends and myself are dreaming of the day we all own 4kq's.  
>We've been talking about performance mods, lighting mods, etc.  We're 
>curious, they come with 195/60-14's stock, right?  If we were to put 15" 
>wheels on the car, what size tire do we need to go to to keep the same 

about a 205/50-15 should do.

>overall diameter?  Also, what's underneath the rear seat on the 
>quattros?  Is it empty, or is it filled up with rear diff and other 

not much--directly under the seat cushion is just sheetmetal.  below that,
is probably stuff for the rear diff and suspension (front end of subframe

>One more thing.  I posted a question about Mercedes's involvement with 
>Audi in the late 60's and early 70's.  We had a '73 100ls and I was told 
>at that the car was modeled after a Merc model, and it even had a Merc 
>engine in it.  Is this true?

i don't think so.  the '73 100ls had a 4 cylinder 2liter engine.  although
it tried to compete w/ the Mercedes of that era (and had similar styling
cues), it most certainly was an Audi engine, Audi development & engineering.
That motor was also found in certain trucks in Europe, the original Porsche
924 (not the 924S of the late 80s), and possibly some AMC vehicles
(rumor--anyone else know?)

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