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Re: more 4KQ questions

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Linus D. Toy wrote:

> not much--directly under the seat cushion is just sheetmetal.  below that,
> is probably stuff for the rear diff and suspension (front end of subframe
> mounting).  
Is there enough room for a small (1 cu.ft. or less) subwoofer enclosure?  
Or two?  We're trying to find a good place to put one, and the trunk 
isn't the best place in these cars, and there's a metal frame under the 
rear package tray.  Any ideas?
> i don't think so.  the '73 100ls had a 4 cylinder 2liter engine.  although
> it tried to compete w/ the Mercedes of that era (and had similar styling
> cues), it most certainly was an Audi engine, Audi development & engineering.
> That motor was also found in certain trucks in Europe, the original Porsche
> 924 (not the 924S of the late 80s), and possibly some AMC vehicles
> (rumor--anyone else know?)

I was also told that it had inboard front brakes, but I just realized, if 
its front wheel drive, that can't be possible.