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Re: more 4KQ questions

>Is there enough room for a small (1 cu.ft. or less) subwoofer enclosure?  
>Or two?  We're trying to find a good place to put one, and the trunk 
>isn't the best place in these cars, and there's a metal frame under the 
>rear package tray.  Any ideas?

Nope no room there! It's gonna have to go into the trunk.

>I was also told that it had inboard front brakes, but I just realized, if 
>its front wheel drive, that can't be possible.

BZZZzzzzztttttttt.....  Why?  you already have the drive shafts up 
there....  The way that it worked in the 100LS (We had one in 1974) The 
calipers and carriers were bolted to the tranny and the Disk's were 
mounted to the Transaxle drive flanges and the inner CV mounted to 


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO