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Re: TqW A/C gremlins (longish post)

> i could hope that it's a simple screw/plug-in type of fix like a bad blower

>control module, but i'm afraid the blower itself might be heading south.
>arggh!  i think stediric once posted a treatise entitled "how to replace
>blower on the side of a freeway in a snowstorm with a ginsu knife, a 
>#2 phillips and duct tape"    
>(or something like that) so if anyone has a copy laying around, please e 
>me since i may need it soon. 

Hey I resemble that!  Here is the post in it's entirity....  I might 
humbly suggest that all 5K/100/200/V8 owners save this post.... You WILL 
need it sometime!


Well I finally got around to doing the heater blower in my beast, Heated 
driver's seat is next but I have a REAL good idea where the heater is 
broken.... Kinda where it burned me would be a clue.  Okay I think I've 
got a faster way but it's just a little ugly.... Here's how I did it. 
With this method you only have to raise the blower box up about 3 inches, 
and it can be done in about half an hour. 

Tools required:
2 Flat bladed screwdrivers one short and one of the MONDO varitey.
1 Short Phillips head screwdriver
10mm socket
12 or 13mm socket (I can't remember)
3" and 9" extender bar and Ratchet
Outside Snap ring pilers or Needle Nose Pliers
Some RTV or Silcone
1 6" Steak Knife.....  Yes I said 6" steak knife.

Remove wiper blades with the 10mm socket.
Remove the black plastic shield with the Audi Logo on it.
Remove the wiper assembly 12 or 13mm Socket here, You might want to lube 
the linkage while it's out....
Remove the Heater box Retaining strap with the phillips driver.
Remove the Upper Radiator hose to dump about 1 quart of coolant and 
reinstall this will prevent a mess in the next step.
Remove the Heater core supply and return lines.
Remove the Electric plug and Outside Snap ring from the back of the 
blower motor.
Shove the Black Blower duct into the heater box.
Take the small Flat bladed screwdriver and run it around the seal on the 
the firewall to loosen it.
Take the MONDO Driver and Pry between the Engine bay firewall and the 
blower housing to raise the housing 3".
With the housing raised take the steak knife and cut the black blower 
duct so that it can be compressed on itself and slid futher into the 
blower box duct.
Remove the 2 visable phillips head screws holding the blower duct adapter 
onto the blower housing.
Take the MONDO screwdriver and break the lower screw out of the blower 
Remove the duct adapter.
Remove the Blower Motor cooling hose.
Push the blower out of the housing through the duct hole.

Install as they say is the reverse of the removal.  Use the RTV or 
Silicone to seal the black duct that you cut and the blower housing back 
to the firewall.  That's it.  I did this in Half an Hour by myself in 30F 


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO