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Misc responses

Eric Schumacher, if you're heading for NH, be sure to check out Mt Washinton,
if you haven't already.  Their hillclimb is later in June.  I know I've
always wanted to see it.  (Been to Pike's Peak 3 times, but alas no Audi's...
I visited Mt Washington 2 summers ago, unfortunately well after the race, but
the drive up from Boston was great.  Not exactly twisty two-lane but good
driving just the same.  I had a rented Vovlo 850 non-turbo.  Hey that engine
sounds vaguely familiar!

Terry Moore... I don't know where you could find a new S6 but I spoke to
Maplewood Motors in the Twin Cities area today and they have a 95 for $39K.
 I left the info at work.  Will post tomorrow.
Also, your .sig says "90 or 91 V8 looking".  The one I found was in Souix
Falls, SD at a dealer.  I'll include the info for that one tomorrow also.

Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA
87 CGT 2.3