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RE: Misc responses

The Mt. Washington Auto Road Race is Sunday, June 23rd with practice Fri and Sat am till about noon. There will be Quattros racing this year - again! Look for the Winnebarge-oh with the black 85 Ur-Q with the NH 'NO SALE' tags and say hi! (I'm not racing - just flagging & communications)

For AWESOME roads, twisty two-lane, many steep, winding hills for the turbos and brakes, from Boston take Rte 93 North through Concord NH up to the _Kangamangus Highway_ in the White Mountains - views, hairpins, two-lane, twisties, very serious elevation changes galore - and more awesome views. Then from the K. Hwy take Bear Notch Road, on the left, before you get all the way back out to the far East end of the K. Hwy - another slower but AWESOME twisty two-laner with more serious elevation changes. This is a great route from Boston to the The Rock Pile! You likely will see other Qs along this route....

      Eric Schumacher, if you're heading for NH, be sure to check out Mt Washinton,
if you haven't already.  Their hillclimb is later in June.  I know I've
always wanted to see it.  (Been to Pike's Peak 3 times, but alas no Audi's...
I visited Mt Washington 2 summers ago, unfortunately well after the race, but
the drive up from Boston was great.  Not exactly twisty two-lane but good
driving just the same.