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RE: OOOOwww-D .... ignition system

Technically speaking, you could use the Jacobs wahrs & coil, but that's it. No mention of the ECU being free - same deal as the rear-only diff lock I use - if it is not stated as 'free' or 'allowed' it is not - technically speaking. This is yet another example of the rules being behind the technology - you can change the thermostat but you cannot change the thermoswitch for the fan - you can change the points but you cannot change the ECU/CPU/brain.....you can change out the driver but.......you can't get change out of the driver.....

Does Jacobs make points? Do these points count toward the Championship? How many points does a 5-cyl need? Or was that pints as in cold-ones?



> Can you change the whole ignition system?  There's a company that
> advertises in European Car called Jacobs that sells complete aftermarket
> ignition systems.  They claim an 18 hp increase, and a 10% increase in
> torque for the 4000q.  Anyone have any experience with these?  We know
> the advantages, what are the disadvantages, if any?
> -Adam

Actually the rule reads:

13.9A The make of spark plugs, points, ignition coil and high tension wires is free.

What do you interpret that as meaning?  Does this mean the Jacob's stuff is legal or am 
I missing something?

Steve  Verona