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RE: NHIS event report - who is COMSCC?

It is COMSCC - Corvettes Of Mass Sports Car Club, though they are no longer Corvette-centric. Over the years they have evolved into a totally non-Corvette oriented club that basically rents racetracks in the NE USA area for driver's schools and time trials competition. They are open to all makes and Vettes are a very very small minority - I think they keep the name COMSCC just for tradition and historical reasons.

They run at The Bridge in CT USA, some place up in Canada that I cannot pronounce let alone spell and NHIS in NH USA to name a few venues.New members and novices are very much welcome though the track events sell out very quickly so join-up and git on the mailing list!

 For more info call COMSCC @ 800.COM.0326