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NJ Blacklist

     For all you list members in Northern NJ out there, beware of Apollo 
     Tire in Denville.  I just had an incredibly unsettling and disturbing 
     experience with them.  Without going into details, they basically 
     called me a LYING MOTHERF**KER and actually threatened me with 
     physical harm and then tried to charge me twice for the same service.  
     I also witnessed them telling a woman that she needed new brakes and 
     struts all around when all she had was a bad strut.
     I am a very non-aggressive non-violent person and this shocked me.  It 
     was the owner's brother and the owner told me that he has "problems".  
     I don't care what kind of problems someone may have, if you work in a 
     service related industry(I do), I can't imagine calling even my worst 
     nightmare of a customer a lying MF let alone threatning them.
     What also shocked me is that I am a repeat customer.  I have taken 
     both of my cars there for aligment and tire service.
     I am also contacting some bussiness orgs in the area about the 
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire