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Re: Needed - Good Service Technician

On Apr 30, 10:47am, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:

> Where in NJ do you live?
> Bernardsville Audi is reasonably well regarded.

Perhaps, but they're currently on my scummier-than-scum
list.  I put money down on a new A4Q on Feb 10th there,
with the understanding that the exact car that I wanted
was coming in "in 3-4 weeks".  Turns out that someone
goofed, that car had options I didn't want... so when
I inquired as to the status of my car a week later, the
answer was basically "What car?  We'll look for one, but
it may take awhile...".  They ended up ordering one for
me, and currently the best update that I have, as of
Friday, is that it will be a minimum of 3 or 4 MORE WEEKS.

Audi of America has thus far been no help.  And I've tried
other dealers in the meantime, offering my business if they
could locate a car with my color/options.  No luck.

So here I am, looking at the end of May AT BEST, when the
dealer originally said beginning of March.  And they've
done nothing to indicate that they're at all sorry for
messing up.  But what choice do I have, if I want the car???

Oh... and in the middle of March, my trade was hit.  So
I then decided to sell it outright so that I wouldn't take
as bad of a bath on it.  Found some buyers who were willing
to put down a deposit and let me keep it until my A4Q comes
in, but the price we agreed on was only good 'til the end
of April.  So now I've got to lose some more money and lower
the price.  Sigh.

Just blowing off steam...

Dan Masi