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Re: Radar Detectors

On Apr 30, 12:11pm, Kyle D. Ledford wrote:
> Subject: Radar Detectors
> I remember some posts awhile ago about radar detectors.. Someone
> mentioned the valentine I or something...
> couldsomeone tell me more about these and where one can find them?

Call 800 information and ask for Valentine.  Or look for their
ad in any of the car magazines.

Besides being a very good detector with a minimum of falsing,
the Valentine-1 has two features that make it different from
other radar detectors.  One: it displays numerically a count
of the number of separate "radar threats" it is receiving.
And two: it displays graphically whether the strongest
"threat" is coming from up ahead, to the side, or from
behind your vehicle.

I bought my V-1 thinking that these two features may be
a bit hokey, and I was primarily interested in the fact that
it was basically just a very good detector.  I've grown to
absolutely depend on these two features, though... they
make the detector *much* more usable.  It's not cheap, though.

Dan Masi