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Shokan Redux

I read Scott's comment about Shokan - they refused to issue a refund 
on a used "bomb" - so I have a credit with them, but little inclination to 
use it until I come up with something which I can get from them at 
the right price.  

Last week they quoted me $70 more for a new "bomb" than 
Blaufergnugen's price!  So sometimes their prices are decent but 
sometimes NOT....and I would never buy anything from them which 
had the slightest chance of being returned.  More credit I don't 
need.....I must say that I am a WHOLE lot less impressed with them 
than I used to be.  There are better places to do business.

PS: count me firmly in the school which suggests NOT buying a used 
"bomb" when yours goes out.  My used one has worked about 80% 
correctly and lasted about a year - now I gotta replace it anyway.  
Sheesh.  I'll gulp and get a new one.

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