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Audi sales figures needed and 90CQ for sale

Okay y'all,

One more for ya.  You helped with the TTS picts, so I'm gonna ask if 
anyone knows the US Audi sales figures for years 1986-1993.  Thanks so 
much for all your help.

Also, in my search for info I came across an ad for a 1990CQ.

1990 Coupe Quattro, Pearl w/ Grey leather, 83k, $14,900.

seems kinda high, but looks to be in good-excellent shape.  Don't 
remember the phone number but the ad is at:


Autohaus of Royal Oaks, MI

Couple of others there too, a red 93 Qsport and a 90 or 91 V8Q.

Thanks again,

Columbus, OH * Elon College, NC * 910.538.3705 * boweb4p0@numen.elon.edu

'86 CGT Comm. Ed. (deceased)
'95 Dodge Neon Sport (soon to be deceased!)

Majors:  International Studies (Latin American Concentration)
         Business Administration (International Management Concentration)