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Re: V8 Engine

>There is no relation to the Porsche V8.  You could oversimplify things and
>say that the Audi V8 is two VW 16 valve four cylinders sharing a common
>crankshaft.  Large grains of truth to this, although it isn't really that
>simple.  More accurate would be to say that they share the same architecture.
> And more accurate still to say that the VW four cylinder engines have their
>roots in an Audi design.  But that's another story.

FWIW, if you'd like to read a good article on the V8, try to find
the December 1989 issue of Motor Trend Magazine... it does a great
job of explaining the engine in the V8's.  :)  BTW, they
absolutely LOVED the V8!  :)



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